Where providing solutions to you and your business needs IS our business!  Whether you are already a business owner, or are preparing to become one, Brownstone Business Solutions can help. Our comprehensive business development services can help meet your unique needs and identify creative solutions to suit your business. From HR to Marketing, Training to Coaching, Technology to Design and Implementation, Brownstone is here to help your business evolve to its utmost potential. 

Business Solutions

  • Do you want to start a business but lack the time, knowledge, or expertise to get started?

  • Do you need to develop your business but are unaware of what you need to do to grow?

  • Do you need to understand what all a new business requires?

  • Are you having trouble knowing where to start and how to legitimize your business with government and State agencies?

  • Are you overwhelmed with trying to make the right decision for the direction of your business and need a second set of eyes?


Career Services

Brownstone Career Services provides valuable resources designed to propel career-minded individuals to the next phase of their career and future. These resources include valuable Human Resources insight, strategic problem-solving, career development, leadership and organizational development, and trained expertise of a certified HR Professional Coach. (See below) 

Brownstone's Goals

  • Provide HR, Business, and Career Development Consultative services to Women and Minority-owned businesses and underserved communities and professionals

  • Provide Human Resources knowledge, Business Acumen, Etiquette, and Education to underserved communities

  • Provide mentorship and community outreach to Youth and Young Adults from underserved communities

  • Educate and empower Youth and Young adults through early business development, social networking, and

  • Educate and empower awareness around Professional Brand Management and the importance of the "Professional Image" through Social Media ›and other public forums

  • Educate and empower Women with knowledge and tools needed to build successful, long-term business, that foster growth and financial well-being

Business Solutions Offered:

  • Specializations in:

    • Business Development

    • Human Resources Management

    • New Business Start-up

    • Business Process Design & Efficiency

    • Budget Management/Development

    • Financial/Billing Reconciliation Development

    • Vendor Evaluation & Management

    • Business Process Documentation & Technical Writing

    • Project Management

    • Issue Evaluation & Remediation

    • Change Management

    • Business Evaluations

    • Technology Evaluations/Upgrades

    • Request For Proposals (Vendor)

  • New Business Start-up

    • Business Evaluation

    • Business Referrals

    • State Licensing

    • Prepaid Legal Enrollment

    • IRS EIN Establishment

    • Minority Business Affiliation

    • Website Development (via Squarespace)

    • For Profit/Non-Profit

    • Social Media Management

    • Brand Management

    • Notary Services

Online scheduling
  • Business Delivery Services

    • Instructional Design

    • Classroom & Virtual Training Delivery

    • Post-Training Support

    • Training Logistics & Planning

    • Training Facilitation

  • HR Development & Delivery Services

    • Employee Advisement

    • Management Coaching

    • Salary Analysis & Market Data Evaluation

    • Career Change & Transitional Services

    • Severance Review/Guidance

    • Strategy Development

    • Project Management

    • Corporate Etiquette & Dress for Success

Career Services Offered:

Online scheduling


Career Development Services includes:

  • Resume Creation/Development

  • Advisement & Coaching

  • Management Coaching

  • Succession Planning

  • Career Change & Transitional Services for Experienced Professionals


  • Interview Preparation

  • Salary Analysis & Market Data Evaluation

  • Salary Negotiation, Skill Building & Development

  • Severance Review/Guidance

  • Career Empowerment & Strategy Development

  • Career Coaching and Counseling

  • Corporate Etiquette & Dress for Success

Career Branding:

  • LinkedIn Profile Build/ Development

  • Personal Branding & Online Presence Development

  • Social Media Awareness

  • Business Networking

Youth Development:

  • Youth Development – Pre-High School Navigation

  • Youth Development - Resume Writing

  • Youth Development – College Entrance Prep & Readiness (High School)

  • Youth Development – College Career Preparation

  • Youth Development – Life Skills Training

  • Youth Development – Mentorship & Seminars

  • College Mentorship & Internship Advisement

Brownstone Career Services Goals

  • Provide affordable career development services for Youth, Adults, and Young Professionals (College bound)

  • Introduce Human Resource avenues to those who seek to move from “job” to “Career”

  • Provide career insight and salary analysis to educate clients for life-long personal wealth management

  • Provide corporate career insight and strategies for climbing the corporate ladder and beyond   


DELOYCE DHORUBA is an 8-year US Army Veteran with over 15+ years of experience in various areas of Human Capital Management (HCM) to include: Recruitment & Talent Management, HR Training, Compensation & Benefits, Vendor Management, HR Risk & Compliance, Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO), Organizational Development, and HR Strategic Planning. 

Throughout her career, Ms. Dhoruba has always sought out opportunities to establish herself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the HCM arena. She has always been able to enlighten her clients with new ideas, efficiency strategies (Six Sigma methodologies), and high impact/low cost results. Her knack for relationship building has garnered her access to numerous clientele seeking to grow their businesses, recruit new talent, reducing redundancies, implement technology, RPO's, and developing proactive strategies to improve overall company goals. To ensure sustainability and growth within the industry she also maintains a specialized focus in Women's Career Empowerment Leadership initiatives. 

DELOYCE DHORUBA - LinkedIn Profile


Thank you for your interest in Brownstone Business Solutions. Have business questions? Thinking of starting a business? Thinking of buying a new business tool? Need someone to consult on a project? Have questions? Need some advice? Need some direction? Book your appointment now! Click the link below to schedule a Brownstone Career Services Appointment:

Online scheduling

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ALL appointments and payments are made via SCHEDULICITY & SQUARE payment processing (invoicing is available). Please contact Brownstone Professional Enterprise for individual product pricing. 


1.) UPON BOOKING, All clients are charged a consultation fee for a 1-hour consultation and review of client needs. Consultation fee must be paid PRIOR to initial meeting via Square invoice (see below).

2.) After initial meeting (24-48 hours) based on the conversation and what is needed (every client is different and has different needs), Brownstone will build a package and provide a fully detailed quote for services via email. Next, the client will review the package details and if they agree to the package, $50 of the consultation fee goes towards the package as a "credit paid". If no additional services are purchased, the consultation fee is retained by Brownstone Professional Enterprise for time spent. This helps to ensure all consulting time is used productively.

3.) LASTLY, All payments are done via a Square Invoice sent to your email which is paid online, no credit information changes hands, and your personal information remains secure. If a package is selected, those payments can be divided into monthly payments over the course of the allotted schedule of activities and will also be distributed via a Square Invoice.