"A Journey Through Black"

A 3-Part Visual Story

Modeled by Christopher Mitchell III

Created and photographed by Najah K.

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*Creator's Note

Allow your mind to be open.

Question yourself and the visuals you see before yourself.

Put yourself in the model's shoes. Put yourself in the photographer's mind.


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Comments, Reviews, Feedback, & Interpretations!


Behind the SHOTS

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The largest thank you goes out to my mom, for constantly and wholeheartedly supporting my craft and inspiring me in many ways she may not even take note of, I hope that you love this art the way you love a stranger's.

Thank you so much Heaven for joining Chris and I during this shoot and helping Chris create natural reactions and poses, making my visual story much more believable.

Last but not least, thank you Chris for being open to my concept and taking whatever idea I throw out and not questioning it and always encouraging me to create, because of your vivacious personality I knew this story would compliment you the most. This is your journey as a boy through my eyes, now enjoy being a man.

I had so much fun creating this and challenging myself to step out of my shell creating art that I've been admiring throughout photosets for the past couple years. If this does not show you growth, then I will show you comparisons to my previous work. Send me your interpretations of this photo journey and what you took from it, and soon I will post the message I conveyed and recieved. Thank you so much for viewing.

- Najah K.

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